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Join us as we explore Jazz: America's Classical Music, 
from Blues to the Avante Garde, and Vocal Jazz as
Classic Performance Art.

JPAC members are creative and performance artists. We collaborate on programs that span the history of  jazz from its roots, centered within the African Diaspora, ranging from Negro Spirituals and African American Art Songs to the Harlem Renaissance, and the poetry of Langston Hughes. We listen, learn, and perform Blues, Swing, Be-Bop, Hard Bop, and Avante Garde, in a collaborative and experimental environment.

JPAC members have access to Virtual Studio Workshops and Forums. Explore the mechanics important to your instrument with exercises that will improve your technique. Experiment with improvising, listen to and learn big band arrangements, and more! Choose repertoire compatible with your voice, abilities, and personality.

Be confident in performance. As you learn, your knowledge of music theory, harmony, and melody will grow!


Be a part of JPAC Presents! Join us in collaborating and developing innovative jazz performance arts programs that showcase the art and music of legendary jazz icons, from Blues to the Avante Garde. 

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JPAC membership is free!

Our Virtual Studio, JPAC ensembles,Workshops and Forums are open to members exclusively. 

Classes, Presentations, and Upcoming Events will be scheduled periodically, and are open to everyone!

Private Voice Sessions are also available. For more information and to register, click here!

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