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Welcome to JPAC's Virtual Studio!  

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Register for a workshop!  Create, develop, and perform.


Each workshop meets once a week to create and develop unique vocal jazz programs and performances. Workshops are for members only, so be sure to sign up today, and register for a JPAC workshop!

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Monday Morning Warm Ups

 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Warm up your body and tune up your voice! Join me in studio and enjoy physical warm-up exercises designed to adjust your voice from speaking to singing by gently stretching and exercising the muscles used for breathing, alignment, and vocal production. 

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Experiments in  Improvisation

Mondays @ 2:00 pm-3:30 pm

In this weekly workshop, we will create a fun yet challenging learning environment for improvisation. Using familiar tunes from the standard jazz repertoire, our objective is to identify and apply critical elements used among vocal jazz improvisers, strengthen musicianship, build vocal skills, and connect improvisation to performance.  

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Ella in the Classroom

Coming soon!


In this workshop, we will study and learn Ella Fitzgerald's musical vocabulary, syllabically and improvisationally, using her benchmark performance of "How High the Moon," recorded in 1947. Through listening, analysis, imitation, and application, we will recreate Ella's Carnegie Hall performance as a vocal jazz ensemble performance. All materials will be provided.


Big Mouth Jazz Band

Coming soon!

Are you ready to sing some big band music? In this workshop, we'll discover and listen to some of the great big bands and singers. Most

of the big band songs use the same chord changes found on standard

real jazz book charts. We will arrange lead sheets with intros, shout choruses, outros, tags, and codas, and learn how to use ‘rhythmic

notation’ to indicate horn and other hits that we hear in the music. 

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              The Book Show: From Broadway to Jazz

                 Coming Soon!

In this workshop we'll be listening and learning bookshow tunes, including verses,  from Tin Pan Alley, and jazz standards from The Great American Songbook composers, including George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Lerner and Lowe, Rogers and Hart, Rogers and Hammerstein, Jerome Kern, Duke Ellington, and more. Many bookshow tunes are included in the standard jazz canon. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McCrae, Anita O'Day, and other great jazz singers have recorded and other great jazz singers have recorded and are still singing from the Songbook repertoire

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