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JPAC offers classes and presentations that cover the history of Jazz and jazz performance. Classes are open to all JPAC members as well as the general public. Limited enrollment and registration fees apply. Click on each class to learn more, and to register.

Your style informs your technique! Your technique enriches your style. 


This six-session course will is designed to expand your aural and kinesthetic awareness.  Discover the tone qualities, textures, and colors of your singing voice, and the unique characteristics of your sound. Learn about your vocal mechanism and ways to maintain vocal health.

Musicianship for Singers

Topics include articulation and groove, melodic and rhythmic phrasing, embellishments, using tone colors, hearing basic instrumental patterns, blues patterns, vamps, turnarounds, and II-V progressions

The Class will listen to and discuss four aspects of Ellington's approach; and, seven distinct styles over the course of his career.

4  2hr. Sessions

An Exploration of Abbey Lincoln's
"Vision of Life"

Media Presentation

Abbey’s Road: An exploration of Abbey Lincoln's road from Hollywood starlet, to socio-political artist and activist, to one of the greatest jazz singers and most prolific songwriters in jazz history.

2 hrs.

Abbey's Road
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