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Jazz Pac Presents...!

 Join us in collaborating and developing innovative jazz performance arts programs  of  legendary icons such as Abbey Lincoln, Charles Mingus, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and many more.

Sax Player

Check out the programs that Jazz Pac have produced and performed for appreciative jazz and performance arts audiences, and upcoming Jazz Pac and Sponsored programs for you to enjoy.

"The best thing you can do is to be a woman and stand before the world and speak your heart." - Abbey Lincoln. 

Jazz Performance Arts Collective presents

"The Magic of Abbey Lincoln"

Abbey Lincoln (1930-2010) stands as a major jazz singer and prolific songwriter who blazed a new trail in American vocal music. Her voice, distinct and recognizable, her delivery straightforward and moving, she occupies an important place as a woman among preeminent jazz musicians and composers, who regarded her with deep admiration, and among the many singers she strongly influenced with her style and character.



The Magic of Abbey Lincoln

The Jazz Performance Arts Collective (Jazz Pac) revisits this unique artist’s original compositions in "The Magic of Abbey Lincoln, " which, as they describe it, “reveals her work as a collage of colors of the human condition, with all its heartache and hard truths, hope and joy.”

Jazz Performance Arts Collective Presents


A unique jazz quintet showcasing the life and music of Charles Mingus, a profoundly gifted artist, major American composer, and one of the great jazz bassists of our time.


The following quotes are a few of the responses we received from our Alburquerque audience.


“…incredibly cool and adventurous.”

“…presented with such passion and fluidity…you could feel Mingus’ presence in the space.”

“I was blown away by the depth of their presentation.”

“If they decide to repeat this show…trust me, you don’t want to miss it."



Singus Mingus

Jazz Performance Arts Collective Presents

"An Evening of Ella"

    " Thank you for gracing our stage with your beautiful voice and Ella stylings. The band was equally amazing." 

     "This perfect tribute to Ella was certainly a rare treat for me and all jazz fans that attended the event."   



An Evening of Ella

“Every man prays in his own language, and there is no language that God does not understand.” - Duke Ellington

Sanctuary: The Sacred Music of

Edward "Duke" Ellington


In the last decade of his life, Duke Ellington wrote three Sacred Concerts: 1965 - A Concert of Sacred Music, 1968 - Second Sacred Concert, 1973 - Third Sacred Concert. Ellington called these concerts "the most important thing I have ever done."

Sanctuary: The Sacred music of Edward
Sanctuary: The Sacred music of Edward

The Steve Lacy Project: Findings

JamKazam Classical Music Festival

January 2, 2021

A 20-minute program of music by Steve Lacy;  some classical in form, and some freely improvised and notated.


Free Miniatures - #’s 2-5, freely improvised based on thematic material, composed by Steve Lacy.


Anton Webern Op. 17.


“Art”…One of Herman Melville’s last poems (ca. 1890), set to music by Steve Lacy.

The Steve Lacy Project: Findings

Diane Richardson, Soprano

Steve Duke, Saxophone

Danny Faith, Percussion

 Michael Druxman, Contrabass


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