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Terms and Conditions

All Classes, Workshops, Presentations, Performances, or Private Lessons, including their titles, are the intellectual property of Jazz Performance Arts Collective, and shall not be taught, reproduced, or used by anyone without permission and prior authorization.

No recording, either audio or video, of any Class, Workshop, Presentation, Performance, or Private Lesson shall be used or reproduced on any other website, or online in any manner, or reproduced in any manner, without prior permission and authorization.


Posting of any Class, Workshop, Presentation, Performance, or Private Lesson to another site is strictly forbidden.

All collaborative work, including compositions, arrangements, and performances, developed in any workshop or class, are owned solely  by JPAC, and all rights therein are reserved, and no right to perform or record them without permission is given or implied.

Members agree that they will make no claims of any type against JPAC that arise from operation of this website, including Classes, Workshops,  Presentations, Performances, or Private Lessons thereon.


Members agree that they participate in Classses, Worksops, Presentations, Performances, or Private Lessons at their own risk, and fully assume and are aware of the risk of injury.

Thank you!

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