Johnice Parker

Gabrielle Denise Pina, Artist Representative

Can you truly look at someone in your life

and say

I lift you up --

Without waiting for them

to say the same?

Time stands alone,

and only for time itself.

Hope...take the chance.

Believe, trust, love, and live with faith.

I will open my heart today

And listen to the rhythm.


Trying to see through the forest; Imagine all of the seasons.

Notice the branches of clarity.

I still search...

My suspicions are that the answer

lies within my own insecurities.

At times I am aloof.

Flying high!


Still held within boundaries of love.

At one point, I pretended to be

What I imagined myself to be.

Today I am beginning to know myself.


I know my needs, I understand my strengths,

I accept my weaknesses and I live with my


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