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Tech Talk: an on-line forum for musicians!

Sunday, July 19, 2 pm 


Albuquerque musicians Micky Patten, Chris Ishee, and Phil Arnold, along with Steve Duke in Chicago, will present 15-minutes presentations on how we can continue to collaborate, rehearse and perform in a music environment that has changed dramatically in the last few months. After the presentations there will a Q&A session moderated by Allison Davis.


Join us via Zoom on Sunday, July 19: 2 pm. 

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TECH TALK is brought to you by Jazz Performance Arts Collective and New Mexico Jazz Workshop

Hi! I'm Diane Richardson. I am a  jazz singer and performance artist, and also founder and artistic director of Jazz Performance Arts Collective (JPAC). I served my time as a professor and assistant chair of the voice department at Berklee College of Music until I retired in 2015.  And, I have a lot of degrees!
Enough about me, though! From this point on what is important is how we can support each other as jazz singers, and how we can individually and collectively support jazz, "America's Classical Music," and vocal jazz as classic performance art, from Blues to the Avante Garde.

Your style informs your technique!

                      Your technique informs your style!

Be a confident performer with excellent vocal skills. Develop a solid technical foundation. Explore different voice textures and tone colors. Find an emotional connection to the songs that you love to sing. 
I don't need to teach you how to sing a song, but to know your voice, and how to take care of it. For jazz singers, developing and honing our technique is a life-long and rewarding process.
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